Balance, Poise and Grace. Welcome to the English Vaulting Squad.

International Standard Vaulting

The EVS was formed in 2000 by a group of committed vaulters and parents who wished to advance up to International level.


At that time the EVS had just two horses, Duke and Bowler.


Since then they have represented Great Britian in International CVI***, CVI** and CVI* competitions, European Championships, World Championships, World Equestrian Games and brought plaques & rosettes to line the walls of the EVS base at Blue Barn Stables in Southam.


We train all levels of vaulters at our club, from toddlers through to adults, and some enjoy the activity as it is, without the desire to compete - though EVS was set up to represent Great Britain and that focus follows through the training regimes.

Currently, EVS is supported by four horses; Basil, Cody, Harry and Kerbie, with one pony; Bally.

EVS is a welcoming squad which hosts camps throughout the year, local competitions, represents at national competitions and supports their vaulters who meet the requirements to represent their country on an international stage.


If you want to come and play, or you want to advance as far as you can imagine, get in touch and visit for a taster session to see if Equestrain Vaulting is for you.

EVS Vaulting